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XFR 7.5-300

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ModelXFR 7.5-130

Output Ratings
Output Voltage, V0-7,5
Output Current, A0-300
Output power, W2250

Line Regulation
Voltage, mV (0,01% of Vmax + 2 mV)2,75
Current, mA (0,01% of Imax + 2 mA)32

Load Regulation
Voltage, mV (0,02% of Vmax + 5 mV)6,5
Current, mA (0,02% of Imax + 5 mA)65

Meters accuracy
Voltmeter, mV (0,5% от Vmax)0,05
Ampermeter, mA(0,5% от Imax)3

Output noise & ripple
Voltage(rms), mV4
Voltage, mV (0-20MHz)50
Current(rms), mA400

Drift (8 hours)
Voltage, mV (0,05% of Vmax)3,8
Current, mA (0,05% of Imax)150

Temperature Coefficient
Voltage, mV (0.02% of Vmax/°C)1,5
Current, mA (0.03% of Imax/°C)90

Program Slew Rate
Rise Time, ms100
Fall Time, ms100

OVP Adjustment Rate
V (5 to 110% of Vmax)0,375-8,25

Efficiency, %81

Price: Contract price

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