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  XFR 1200 General Specifications
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Operational AC Input Voltage85-130 VAC or 190-264 VAC, 1-phase(17 A @ 120 VAC; 8.8 A @ 230 VAC), 47-63 Hz
Switching FrequencyNominal 78 kHz (156 kHz output ripple)
Time Delay7 s maximum from power on untill output stable
Voltage Mode Transient Response Time< 3 ms for output voltage to recover within 0,5% of its rated voltage after a step change in load current of up to 10% to 90 % of rated output
Maximum Voltage Differential± 600 VDC from output to safety ground
Remote On/Off and Interlock2.5-15 V signal or TTL-compatible input, selectable logic
Remote Analog ProgrammingVoltage and current programming inputs (sources mus be isolated): 0-5 k, 0-10 k resistance; 0-5 V, 0-10 V(default) voltage sources
Remote Programming and Monitor Accuracy< ± 1 % of full scale output for the default range
Maximim Remote Sense Line Drop Compensation5V/line (Line drop is substracted from total voltage available at supply output)
Operating Temperature Range0 to 50 °C, 6 V model: Derate output current by 1,5 A per °C for operating temperatures 30-50 °C
Storage Temperature Range- 20 to 70° C
Humidity Range30 to 90 % RH, non-condensing
Front Panel Voltage and Current Control10-turn voltage and current potentiometers
Front Panel Voltage and Current Resolution0.02% of maximum voltage
AC Input Connector Type3-terminal, 34 A/250 V, wire clamp connector with strain relief cover
Main Output Connector7.5 to 40 V models: nickel-plated cooper bus bars with bus bar shield; 60 to 600 V models: 4-terminal wire clamp connector with strain relief
WeightApproximately 8.2 kg (18 lb.)
ApprovalsCE-marked units meet IEC 1010-1 safety standard and EN50081-2 and EN50082-2 EMC standards. Additional standards - CSA C22.2 No. 1010.1, UL-3111-1, and FCC, part 15, Class A EMI standard, CSA certified, UL listed

XHR 1.2 kW options
GPIB-XFR3GPIB Interface Card(16-bit)
RS-232-XFR3RS-232 Interface Card(16-bit)
ISOL-XFR3Isolated interace card provides isolated analog control and read back of output voltage and current
M13ALocking knobs for front panel control
ISOL-4204-20 mA isolated analog control
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