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  XFR 2800 W Series Electrical Specifications
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ModelXFR 7.5-300XFR 12-220XFR 20-130XFR 40-70XFR 60-46XFR 100-28XFR 150-18XFR 300-9XFR 600-4

Output Ratings

Output Voltage, V0-7,50-120-200-400-600-1000-1500-3000-600
Output Current, A0-3000-2200-1300-700-460-280-180-40-1,7
Output power, W225026402600280027602800270024001020

Line Regulation

Voltage, mV (0,01% of Vmax + 2 mV)2,753,246812173262
Current, mA (0,01% of Imax + 2 mA)32241596,64,83,82,92,4

Load Regulation

Voltage, mV (0,02% of Vmax + 5 mV)6,57,491317273565125
Current, mA (0,02% of Imax + 5 mA)6549311914,210,68,66,85,8

Meters accuracy

Voltmeter, mV (0,5% от Vmax)0,050,070,200,40,60,934
Ampermeter, mA(0,5% от Imax)320,80,50,30,20,10,060,03

Output noise & ripple

Voltage(rms), mV4566612152035
Voltage, mV (0-20MHz)505060606075100120200
Current(rms), mA400200100503010550,7

Drift (8 hours)

Voltage, mV (0,05% of Vmax)3,861020305075150300
Current, mA (0,05% of Imax)1501106535231494,52

Temperature Coefficient

Voltage, mV (0.02% of Vmax/°C)1,52,44812203060120
Current, mA (0.03% of Imax/°C)907040251595,52,71,2

Program Slew Rate

Rise Time, ms100100100100100170170170170
Fall Time, ms100100100100100170170170170

OVP Adjustment Rate

V (5 to 110% of Vmax)0,375-8,250,6-13,21-222-443-665-1107,5-16515-33030-660

Efficiency, %818487868889909090
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